Canvas Corner - Tips from the Newsletter

  • Posted on: 15 June 2018
  • By: lmcbride

A very simple, but very important request on Canvas this week: Please check to see if your grades in Canvas and your grades in PowerSchool match. If they do not, check the categories in Canvas and in PowerSchool as a first step to verify that they are set up correctly.
As needed, you can use the Canvas gradebook to excuse a student from an assignment, discussion, or quiz. You can also excuse a student from a group assignment. Enter EX instead of a score or letter grade in the gradebook. Excused assignments are not calculated as part of a student's total grade. When an assignment is excused, the assignment page and the student grade page will show the student that he or she has been excused from the assignment. Students cannot submit excused assignments.

You may wish to consider creating a Canvas course for a club or activity and “enrolling” your club members in the course. You can use the course for announcements (avoiding email lists) and use the events/assignments feature for club meeting times and deadlines that show up on the students’ calendar with other assignments. You can also identify your student leader(s) in a newly created role in Canvas at SLUH: Group Moderator. This role has a more limited scope of capabilities than a teacher has, but can add and delete students and can send announcements.