Viewing and exporting responses from LimeSurvey

  • Posted on: 7 September 2011
  • By: ifoulds

Having created a survey within LimeSurvey and provided participants with ample time to respond, you can choose to either view their responses online, or more likely, export their responses in to an application such as Microsoft Excel. This allows for easier manipulation of the data in order to better understand and present your results.

Within your survey, click on the the button with a magnifying class that displays "Browse responses for this survey" when you move your mouse over it:

You will now be presented with an overview of how many responses you have received including responses have not been submitted yet, such as anyone still working on a survey or that has saved their responses to finish later:

If you want to view the responses within the LimeSurvey website to quickly see how participants responded, you can click the piece of paper button that shows "Display responses" when you move your mouse over it:

The button just to the right, showing half a piece of torn paper, is to display only the last 50 responses. This can be useful if you have a large number of responses and only wish to see the most recently completely surveys.

For most purposes, exporting the data in to Microsoft Excel will be the prefered method of analzying responses. To do this, click the button to the right of the pie chart symbol that displays "Export results to application" when you move your mouse over it:

By default, it will only export the question codes. It is probably more useful to select "Full headings" from the "Questions" area in order for the full wording of the question to be exported along with the responses. The format should be left set to "Microsoft Excel" unless you have a specific need for it in Word or CSV format:

A dialog box will now be shown within your browser prompting you to download the file based on the format you choose to export. Once downloaded, this file can then be opened with its default application, such as Microsoft Excel.