Avast Security dialogs to ignore

  • Posted on: 29 November 2017
  • By: jdickmann

At SLUH we use Avast Security for Mac as part of our protection on our computers. While in general an effective piece of software, it does occasionally present prompts that should be ignored, notably for unnecessary cleanups or for paid versions of its software.


Do pay attention to some dialogs

Note that prompts regarding blocked infections/found malware are important and should be reported to the IT department.


Your storage is limited...

You can safely click anywhere on this dialog to dismiss it. Emptying your trash and Downloads folder on occasion are good practice and should be done periodically. While cleaning caches and logs is useful in the very short term, those files exist to help the performance of your machine and will rebuild themselves over time.



This dialog prompts you to make a paid upgrade to Avast Security Pro. We recommend that you instead click "Got it" in the middle to dismiss the dialog.


SecureLine VPN

On occasion you may also receive prompts to install Avast's SecureLine VPN, which we recommend against. While potentially useful, this is another paid upgrade which is unnecessary and will consume a small amount of resources and menubar space when left running.