• Posted on: 10 August 2018
  • By: jdickmann

GradeCam allows you to create, print and scan/grade assignments with Scantron-style grading, all using your computer's camera. SLUH has an account that covers the whole school.

Teachers interested in using GradeCam, please contact SLUH IT, and we will add you as a user to Gradecam.

Once you are added to Gradecam, you will receive an invitation. Click the blue "Continue with Google" button at the bottom of the login page it will automatically associate you with our school account, no special setup required!

And, if you log in to and click "My Schedule" (or just search for yourself via SLUH What Where), you'll find links to download CSV files for your classes, all ready to import into GradeCam!

Once you're in GradeCam and have created your class, click "New" and then "Import Students." Provide the .CSV you just downloaded and you're all set!