Revert SMART Notebook file to original

  • Posted on: 3 May 2018
  • By: lmcbride

While using the Apple Pencil with the SMART Notebook app on the iPad, SMART Notebook automatically saves any pencil marks or additions you make. Follow the steps listed below, if you want to revert to the originally opened slide.
(Some slides are used for multiple classes, so you might not want the markings saved for the next incoming class).

Below is my original slide

Next, I make highlights and other additions.

To remove your additions, click on the circular icon at the top (it looks like a refresh button). Then tap on "Revert to Last Opened Version."

A pop-up will display, asking if you are sure you want to revert your document to the last opened version.

After selecting Revert, the document goes back to the state it orginaly was in when you opened it.