One World Club

Come join the One World Club in going to the Festival of Nations this Sunday in STL! This is a very fun event that you don't want to miss!
If you plan on joining us, we will meet at the Bandstand Pavilion at 4pm and will stay at the fair till 6pm. Please contact Eli at to let him know you will be there.

Fall Racquetball

Looking for something to do this fall? Give racquetball a try!!


Fall Racquetball is a casual, recreational league for anyone to come play and learn the sport before the season begins in the winter. You can try it out with no commitment and you can even borrow equipment at the beginning. 


We play every Tuesday and Thursday after school, starting Tuesday, September 4.


SLUH Racquetball is a national championship team and almost all of our players learned the sport for the first time when they joined. So all are welcome and encouraged to try it out and be a part of a great program!


Contact Mr. Deves if you're interested or have questions.