Trail Mix Challenge

Trail Mix Challenge - another opportunity to show some kindness to the homeless in St. Louis, and for students to hone and demonstrate their leadership skills.  I am looking for clubs, groups, and departments that would like to make sandwich bags of trail mix.  The bags can contain a mix of nuts, dried fruit, granola, m&ms, pretzels, and cereal (such as shredded wheat, chex, oatmeal squares, etc.).  I will collect your bags and bring them to Sts. Peter & Paul Shelter for Men on the nights that students and I bring dinner. The men will receive the bags when they leave the shelter in the morning.  Thank you to Branden May '20 and "Anonymous" for contributing bags in February.  My next visit to the shelter is on Tuesday, April 9.  Questions? Contact Mrs. Chott at


Monday, February 25th from 4:00-6 PM in the Schulte Theater
Callbacks (if necessary): Tuesday, February 26th from 4:30-6 PM
Invite your female friends! No experience necessary.
Show dates: April 12-13
Contact Mr. McKernan with any questions.

Campus Ministry

Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate Valentine's Day at school this year? The Freshman Class Mass is this Thursday, 2/14. Join the freshmen in the Chapel during Activity Period.  ❤
Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, Apostle?  The Senior Class Mass is on Friday, 2/22. Join the seniors in the Chapel during Activity Period. 
Ash Wednesday is on Wednesday, 3/6. We will have a Mass Schedule that day and be in formal attire. We will go back to homerooms after 2nd period and then be dismissed down to the Commons by homeroom to sit in our assigned seats. To mark the solemnity of the day and entering into Lent, we will enter the Commons in silence. 

AP Registration

Reminder to all AP Students that AP registration is now open!  Please go to the quick link on the SLUH website to register.  The deadline to register is Friday, March 3.  Any questions please see Mr. O'Connell.

Archivists Wanted

SLUH Alumni Archivists are looking for students who would like to help them measure artifacts and enter data into a spreadsheet.  Work can be done during activity period.  If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please e-mail  You can also contact Mrs. Chott at with questions.