This week we announced a partnership with Emerge Fitness designed to provide a program of personalized and interactive wellness for students not currently involved in athletics. We highly encourage you to consider this opportunity for a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing in these crazy times. This affordable program, called WeMerge, focuses on student fitness, mindfulness and nutrition. Visit for details and to register.


Any questions call Mrs. Kathryn SANSONE. 3142204500. Mom of freshman Marco.

Medical Careers Club

Dr. Joesph Craft who is a cardiologist and Father of Joe Craft the Freshman is going to speak with the medical careers Club via Zoom on Tuesday November 10th at 1:50. The meeting will be helped in s202, or over zoom. 

Moms Club

Moms Club is starting our Magis Parents Prayer group this week, every Thursday and Friday from 2:45-3:15.  I would like to invite you to email prayer requests to, requests can be confidential unless you prefer us to specifically pray for you by name. 

God bless you Junior Bills! 
Most sincerely, Susan Vanous