Bookmark options for mobile devices

While it may seem obvious to bookmark a web page we want to access easily on our laptop or desktop, we may not think to do the same thing on our phones or tablets. Two additional options available on iOS and other platforms are adding a bookmark to your Favorites or to your Home Screen.

Start by loading the web page you want to be able to pull up quickly. I'm using Safari on an iPhone, but the process is similar on other browsers/devices. I'm going to use the SLUH Support page as an example, because who wouldn't want quick access to all we have to offer?

Once I have the page up in my browser, I click the "sharrow" button (not my name for it, the share button that is depicted by a box with an arrow coming out of it):

You'll be presented with a bunch of options, but the two we're going to focus on are Add to Favorites and Add to Home Screen.


Add to Favorites

Favorites are the bookmarks that show up whenever you open a new page/tab in your browser. Simply give it a name, like so:

And then, when you open a new tab/window, it will be waiting for you. One click, and you're at your page! Note that you can tap and hold favorites to rearrange them in the order you prefer.


Add to Home Screen

Another very handy option is to add the bookmark to your home screen. That way you don't even have to open your browser on your phone first, one tap will take you directly to the page you want.

When complete, the icon will appear on your home screen. It, too, can be moved around by tapping and holding until it "jiggles." Press the home button to stop the jiggling once you have arranged the icons then way you want.