Stop notifications with Do Not Disturb

This one is useful for both teachers and students. Have you ever been using your device in class or to present and had to deal with a barrage of notifications? You can easily silence alerts by turning on Do Not Disturb. It's the Moon icon ( do not disturb icon) in iOS and found in the notification center in macOS.

Here are instructions on how to use it in iOS:

Note that you may want to set it to Always silence notifications if you present with your iPad.


Here are instructions for macOS:

Scroll to the section titled "Stop or pause notifications."

Stop notifications temporarily: Hold down the Option key while you click the Notification Center icon in the menu bar. Or click the icon to open Notification Center, swipe down, then turn on Do Not Disturb. It stays on until midnight, the next scheduled time to turn off (based on settings in Notifications preferences), or you turn it off.