Printing to PDF

One great feature of OS X is the built-in ability to print to PDF from any application. Any handout, assignment, web resource, etc. that you wish to save can be saved as a PDF document just as easily as it can be printed. This can be a helpful means of saving paper and printing costs: generating PDFs of course documents and posting them to Moodle for students to download rather than printing them and handing them to students manually.


  1. Create your document in whichever program you like. In this example, we'll use a Word document. It could just as easily be a PowerPoint presentation, a spreadsheet, etc.
  2. Open the Print dialog by pressing Command+P or File → Print...
  3. Click the PDF button and choose Save as PDF...

    Note: the menu pictured includes a non-standard keyboard shortcut for this process.
  4. In the Save dialog, specify a filename and save location. Optionally, you may supply any PDF details you like.