Restore Notability Notes

If you have to reinstall Notability onto your device, it will not load all of your notes until you import them from your backup. To learn more about backing up your Notability Notes, visit

Importing from Google Drive

  1. Open Notability's Library.
  2. Tap the download button.
  3. Tap Google Drive and log in.
  4. Tap on an individual file to import it, or tap on "Import All" to import all files in a folder. (You can't import folders, but you can import all files within a folder. If you'd like to maintain the same folder construct, create the folders in Notability, and then import selected files to each newly created folder).
  5. Tap Done.


Importing from iCloud

  1. Download iCloud Drive (iOS 10) or Files (iOS 11) from the App Store
  2. Open iCloud Drive or Files.
  3. Find the file you'd like to import.
  4. Tap "i" by the file's name.
  5. Tap the share button.
  6. Tap Notability from the list of apps.

Alternatively, once you sign back into iCloud and turn on iCloud Backup in Notability, your saved notes should begin to download.