Setting up Zoom

SLUH makes some use of Zoom for teacher conferences and synchronus parts of some courses. In order to join some Zoom sessions, you'll have to be signed in to Zoom with your SLUH email address.


Setting up Zoom

When you first log in to Zoom, you can click "Sign in with Google" and Zoom will automatically create an account for you.

The first time you log in, you should receive a prompt to either "Update Account Information" or "Join St. Louis University High School's Zoom account." You should get reminded periodically until you go through this process, though you may have to sign out and back in to receive the prompt.

  • If you see this, you need to click "View Detail":

  • When prompted to update your information, choose "Consolidate Into Account":


  • Once successful, you may get a notice similar to this:

  • You may have to sign in one more time, but then your Zoom account will be active and linked to SLUH's account.