iPad Troubleshooting

Trouble with an App?

If you are having problems with a specific app, the first thing you should do is close the app completely and relaunch it.  Do this by double tapping on the Home button (round button on the face of the iPad). This will bring up a picture list of the most recently opened apps. Find the app you want to close, and swipe up on the large thumbnail of the app.

Do this to close every app that is open; having too many apps open at one time could cause your iPad to run slow or create other performance issues.

NOTE: Do this next step as a last resort, as data may be lost.(See below) If you are still having trouble with a particular app, you may try uninstalling it from the iPad, and re-installing. Do this by pressing and holding on the app icon until all the apps are shaking. You will now seean X on the corner of the App. Tap on the X of the app you would like to remove. Then press the home button to stop all the icons from shaking. You may now reinstall the app from the app store, or your recent downloads.
NOTE: If the app in question actually stores data, that data will be deleted. That means if you are using a spreadsheet like Pages, your spreadsheets will be deleted if you remove the app. This is true for word processors, task list managers, etc. Always back up your data before performing this step.

Having problems with your iPad freezing, poor connection, or other minor issues?

When in doubt, reboot the iPad...

You can reboot the iPad by holding down the Sleep/Wake button on the upper rim of the iPad. This will bring up a slider that will let you power off the iPad. Once it is powered down, simply press the Sleep/Wake button again to turn the iPad back on.