Google Cloud Print Troubleshooting

If a document is not printing to the Library print queue from Google Chrome or your Google apps, it's possible that the title or name of the document may contain characters which will prevent it from going into the Google Cloud Print queue. An example would be quotations in the title.

If the document is in Google Drive, typically simply changing the name and removing the quotations will resolve the issue and allow it to be printed.

If you are on a laptop or desktop, there is another method that can be tried, especially if the document is just something off the web and not saved to your Google Drive.

  1. In Google Chrome, open the document.
  2. Now go to print and change the printer from LibraryPrinterRelease to Save as PDF, then click Print.
  3. A save dialog will come up. Set the name to something simple and choose to save it to the Desktop.
  4. After it saves, open that new saved document with the simpler title in Google Chrome, then print it to LibraryPrinterRelease.
  5. It should now go through properly.

If you are still having issues after trying these steps, please stop by the Tech Office for further support.