Credit Card Purchase Receipts

Now that SLUH offers a company credit card for online purchases, many of you have encountered some difficulty when trying to get the receipt for your purchase turned in to the accounting clerks. Please follow these easy steps to get the receipt to them quickly, without the hassle of setting up your machine to print to any extraneous printers, etc.


  1. Once you've completed your purchase, most online retailers will offer you an option to view and/or print your receipt. Choose the option to print, if available (using the "Printer Friendly" version, if offered), or simply press Command+P.
  2. In the Print dialog that appears, click PDF in the lower-left corner, and choose "Print to PDF..." from the menu.
  3. Assign a filename to the PDF and click Save.
  4. You can now attach the PDF file you've created to an e-mail message and send it to one of the accounting clerks.