Setting up the VisitU App on your Device

VisitU is being used to check-in to the building as well as to complete the SLUH Daily Self Checklist.

Download the Visitu Mobile app on your phone or iPad.



Students who do not have a mobile device will be handled on a case by case basis.
Faculty & Staff who do not have a mobile device, contact SLUH's Director of Human Resources, Beth Voegtli to acquire a Quick Badge with a QR code. 


Once the app has been downloaded, create your account by choosing the Email Address tab and entering your SLUH email address.
Note: You have to already be registered as a user within SLUH's Visitu location to be able to utilize this app. New Students/Faculty/Staff should make sure they are included in the system, before attempting to setup their VisitU account.

Next, click on Send Login Link.
You will receive a notification within the app to "Check your email for further instructions!"
Open the email you received from on the device that you are setting up and click on the Open VisitU Mobile button. If you open the email on a different device you will receive an error message about not being authorized.

This will now sign you into the app.