Creating a Contact Group in Gmail from Class Rosters

  • Posted on: 19 February 2014
  • By: lgruss

Class Contact Groups can make connecting with your students faster and more convenient. Please follow the following instructions to create a Contact Group based on your class roster(s).


  1. Login to the support web site (via the link at the top of this page).
  2. Click on Rosters in the right-hand menu.
  3. Find and click on your name in the list of teachers.
  4. Find the class for which you would like to create a Contact Group in the Roster View and click E-mail in the Type column (Note the Term field!).
  5. Select and copy (Command+C or Edit -> Copy) your students' names and addresses. Be sure to select only the names and addresses and not any surrounding text.
  6. In Gmail, open Contacts, and on the left hand column click on "New Group..."
  7. Give your contact list a name and click on Ok.
  8. Once you have created this group it will automatcially open, telling you that "There are no contacts in this group." Now, click on the Add to "My Contacts" button, located just under the Search bar.
  9. In the box, paste the names and addresses you copied previously and click Add.
  10. Repeat these steps for your subsequent classes/homeroom. Once complete, you can simply type the Contact Group name in the To: field of an e-mail message, and the addresses should populate the field.

Note: The rosters generated in this manner will not reflect recent changes to the PowerSchool database; any add/drop after the beginning of the semester should be adjusted in your Contact Group manually.